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Daylight Lamp Rexel ActiVita Strip Lamp White 4402013

  • £66.95

Rexel Activita Daylight Strip Lamp White 4402013

The Rexel ActiVita Daylight Strip Lamp features a 'daylight blue' LED bulb to simulate daylight, triggering brain activity, as well as raising levels of energy and alertness.With 6 brightness settings and a fully adjustable head, this versatile lamp has a bulb life of up to 50,000 hours. The LED bulb has a brightness of 590 lumens and an energy efficiency rating of A. This pack contains 1 white lamp with a base diameter of 180mm and a height of 420mm.

  • 6 brightness settings
  • Base diameter: 180mm
  • Brightness: 590 lumens
  • Bulb life: 50,000 hours
  • Energy efficiency rating: A
  • Full adjustable strip light head
  • Height: 420mm
  • Helps trigger brain activity and raise energy and alertness
  • Long life 10W LED bulb
  • Strip lamp designed to simulate daylight
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